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Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series 10 Gigabit Ethernet Interface Modules switch fabric (on Supervisor Engine 720) Slot requirements Can occupy any slot in any chassis Can occupy any slot in any Cisco Catalyst 6503, 6506, 6509, 6509 NEB, or 6509-NEB-A chassis, or any Cisco 7603, 7606, 7609, orOSR-7609, chassis; Can only occupy slots 9 through 13 in a Cisco Catalyst 6513 or 7613 chassis Can occupy any slot in Cisco Catalyst 6500 Supervisor Engine 32 Architecture series chassis. It is not supported in the Cisco Catalyst 6006 or 6009 Switch chassis. Like other Catalyst 6500 supervisors, it must be placed into a specific slot. That slot is dependent on the chassis model. Table 2 highlights which chassis slots support the Supervisor Engine 32. Table 2. Supervisor Engine 32 Slot Dependencies Slot Cisco Catalyst

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With a Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Supervisor Engine 720, the fabric channel connections for the Cisco Catalyst 6513-E and 6513 (non-E) are distributed the same: that is, slots 1 through 8 are single channel with 20 Gbps capacity, and slots 9 through 13 are dual channel, providing 40 Gbps/slot. So with the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Supervisor ... Cisco Catalyst 6513 Chassis and Supervisor engine Overview ... Cisco Catalyst 6513 Chassis and Supervisor engine Overview Supervisor 720 720-Gbps crossbar fabric §PFC3A/B/BXL forwarding engine daughter card §Integrated RP/SP CPUs on MSFC3 daughter card (600MHz MIPS) Supported from Cisco IOS 12.2(14)SX and Catalyst OS 8.1(1) 512/512MB (3A/B) or 1/1GB (3BXL) DRAM Internal RP and SP bootflash (64MB each) Optional 512MB and 1GB CF… Cisco Catalyst WS-C6513 - 13 Slot Chassis - Myriad360

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Jan 15, 2006 ... Cisco 7609 Systems, Cisco 7609 9-slot, Redundant System, Cisco ... WS-X6582- 2PA, Enhanced FlexWAN Module, Fabric-enabled ..... WS-C6K-13SLT-FAN2= High Speed Fan Tray, Spare, for Catalyst 6513 / Cisco 7613, N/A ...

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Understanding the Catalyst 6500 Switch Fabric ... - The Cisco Catalyst 6500 series switch fabric modules (SFM), including the Switch Fabric Module 2 (WS-X6500-SFM2) and the Switch Fabric Module (WS-C6500-SFM), in combination with the Supervisor Engine 2, deliver an increase in available system bandwidth from the existing 32 Gbps to 256 Gbps.